Weiqi in Atlantis

Weiqi (go, baduk) was the theme for the Chinese Evening of November 15. Groningen Confucius Institute and myself organised the evening together with the Go Club Groningen. I gave a very short introduction and background, and Siu related his adventures during his time at Yan An's go school in Wuhan. Afterwards, we chatted in Chinese, and various people tried their hand at go, capture-go, and go-moku.

Funnily enough, none of the Chinese attendees could actually play weiqi, though all of them knew the game and most knew the rules. The Dutch attendees who were also Go Club members of course did know the game. So we had the interesting situation of a group of Dutch people teaching a group of Chinese people how to play weiqi, a game originating in China more than 2000 years ago.

During the evening, we also met one of the new Chinese teachers at the GCI, and got reacquainted with a Chinese student studying Dutch. She made arrangements with one of the Chinese learners to organise a language exchange, which made me happy, because giving people the opportunity to make such connections was one of the reasons for starting the Chinese Evening.

So we had fun once again, and I'm looking forward to the next evening on Dec 20. Because 20 Dec is
Christmas Party
Eat, drink and be merry! (and speak Chinese!)
For this event, the theme will be regional accents, so bring anyone who can speak erhua, do a Hong Kong accent or sound like a Taiwanese! Or show off your Dutch accent! :-) But we'll also have Chinese-themed party games, prizes, and of course learn how to say 'Merry Christmas' in Chinese. Not to mention have a drink at the end of the year, the first year to see Chinese Evenings in Groningen!

Hope to see everyone on Fri Dec 20!