Second Chinese Evening with lots of food


In May, the second Chinese Evening was organized. Attendance was once again great, with about 25 people, learners and native speakers. This time, my friend Siu held a short talk on some of his favourite Hong Kong foods - what they are, how they are made, and how you can make them yourself. And because tasting is believing, he also brought a selection of jiaozi - boiled and steamed dumplings with various kinds of fillings, all of which were delicious.

The Confucius Institute was present as well, with teachers and students from Chinese courses. They also provided a few fun language items, such as Chinese proverbs for 'wolfing down your food' and 'eating carefully and thoughtfully' - both of which we tried on the dumplings :-) After the short talk, there was plenty of time to enjoy the snacks and chat in Chinese. I had a great time myself, talked to a variety of people in a variety of Chinese/English/Dutch mixtures; from offering a pijiu to a beginner to trying to follow the jokes and teasing between two Chinese friends from the UMCG that joined the evening - the latter was pretty hard, I can assure you. All in all, it was a great if noisy evening, lasting until about twelve o'clock, when even the last attendants started to consider maybe it was time to go home.

I hope the next editions will keep being busy and fun, but of course the summer months are coming. People are going on holidays, students are going back home, Chinese teachers are visiting family in China and GCI students are going on Summer Camp in Beijing. So I expect the next two evenings may be a bit quiet. But hopefully, things will pick up again nicely in September.

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