Reunion of former Cover board members

the reunion dinner
a - the five old folks

On 7 Oct, the current board of Cover, the student society of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen, organised a reunion dinner for all former Cover board members. This was a very nice idea, and as a former board member (1998-1999) I of course attended. I was curious whether the rest of my board would turn up, I had not seen any of them in quite some time. In the end, only one fellow member from my year turned up, but it was still great fun meeting again. I was surprised (and a little shocked) at how few of the other attendees I actually knew. Only three (out of about thirty)! And my board year was actually the oldest present. I must be getting old! :-(

The dinner was cooked by the current board personally, a nice touch. The food was great, there was plenty of beer and wine, and we had a lot of catching up to do, so the evening was a success. After dinner, we had drinks in a nearby bar and here I met a few more ancient classmates that I could actually recognise :-) A very nice evening altogether, though we (or at least I) did not go on as long as we used to in our student days. But this is probably a good thing ;-)