Passed HKS 5

Last month, I took the HSK 5 exam here in China. Those who have followed my adventures know that I found it pretty hard, especially the reading section - not the comprehension, but the speed at which you apparently must read to be able to do all the assignments in the allotted time. And they were very strict here, too, not allowing you to take any time from a different section to spend on reading.

Today, the test results appeared online. I was quite apprehensive, because of the aforementioned difficulties, so I was very happy to see that I passed! My friend and classmate passed as well, more reason to be happy :-D When I started my year of studying here in China, I set myself two goals: by the end of the year, I wanted to pass HSK 5, and be able to read regular books. I can indeed read ordinary books now, though I have to stick to young adult or similar not-too-difficult material for the moment. Having passed the HSK exam as well, I have achieved my two goals, which makes me quite happy. Now all that is left is getting through the final exams here!