Lecture for Sign Language Colloquia, Radboud University

The organizers of the Sign Language Colloquia lecture series of Radboud University, Nijmegen, had invited me to give a presentation about my PhD. research. On March 28, I undertook the long journey (2,5 hours) from Groningen to Nijmegen and presented my work to a mixed audience of students and professionals interested in sign languages. Radboud University has one of the largest centers of sign language research in the Netherlands, at which, among other things, interesting work is done on creating corpora of Dutch sign language.
Despite the fact that there is also more technical gesture recognition research going on at Radboud, the audience mostly consisted of language researchers. I therefore focused mostly on the human perception side of my research (automatic sign language recognition) in the lecture. I did include a discussion about how such research could be incorporated into the creation of automatic sign language recognizers - after all, this was the main focus of my research. This may have been a bit far afield for some of the listeners; however, after the presentation people mentioned that they found it very interesting to learn about automatic sign language recognition. Many of them had never considered that such an area of research existed. Which just goes to show that it is good to hear things outside your own field of expertise every now and then - it broadens the horizons.