Knitting for Fenna

Fenna visiting in Groningen
Fenna in skirt and hoodie
Fenna in hoodie
Fenna and me in matching skirts

Nowadays, I am knitting and crocheting a lot for my little niece Fenna, who is now about twenty months old. Recently she and her mother came to visit us in Groningen, and before that we met them in Buitenpost at her grandparents' house. On that occasion, I gave Paulina the small skirt that was a mini-version of one I made for myself - well, what better to do with the leftover wool? :-)

She was also wearing the little hoodie/vest I had made earlier - although she does not seem to like having the hood actually on her head. Probably that's not what the cool toddlers are doing these days... When they visited us in Groningen, she was wearing the ajour sweater I had made some time before. Hereby some pictures of said pieces, shown by top model 'La Fenna'.