Herman qualifies for Dutch Go Championships

Herman and friends during the break at the Indis

Last weekend, Herman qualified to participate in the Dutch Go Championships in Jan 2012. This will be the third time in a row he is competing in this tournament, the highest-level national tournament. The qualifiers, called Indis, were played over eight matches, in two weekends in October. Herman scored a total of 5 points, which got him the sixth place and a ticket to the championships, so yay! More details and results can be found on the Indis website.

Herman's sister and I visited between matches on Sunday, showing our support and showing off Herman's little niece to the go-ers. A plan to have the baby cry loudly next to Herman's opponents wat vetoed on the basis that this would be distracting for Herman as well :-) Plans were also made to get little Fenna to professional-level go player by starting her immediately on go lessons, but since she is now just under two months old, it was decided that maybe we should wait a little longer.