Chinese Evening on celebrities

Mo Yan
The second Chinese Evening of the year had as topic: Chinese celebrities. Li Yunxuan and Ding Xiyuan of the Groningen Confucius Institute organized the activities this time, and it was a great evening. We got the (very short) bios for a selection of famous Chinese characters, both from ancient and modern culture. Some examples: Confucius (of course!), the Qin emperor, but also Mo Yan (Nobel-prize winning author) and Zhang Yimou (the famous director).

Afterwards we had a lot of fun with a quiz on the personages (hard to remember the names correctly!) and then we played 'no sevens' in Chinese (harder than it sounds!). Surprisingly, the loser almost turned out to be one of the Chinese participants! But in the tie-breaker with one of the Dutch participants - doing a tongue-twister - he performed better, thus saving himself. Perhaps it helped that he was an exchange student studying Dutch? In any case, his rendition of 'De kat krabt de krullen van de trap' was better than the Dutch 'Si shi si, shi shi shi, ...'

Next time, our topic will be Chinese folklore, a topic I myself love: were-tigers, fox-spirits and hungry ghosts! Don't miss it! Friday 21 Mar 2014, from 20.00, Cafe Hooghoudt Atlantis!