Bonus Tournament

Bonus 2014

Great fun last night at the yearly Groningen Go Bonus Tournament!

It became a go-day in Groningen: because Groningen has two teams in the top poule of the national team competition this season, at least one match could be played in Groningen, namely Groningen 1 vs. Groningen 2. The planning of the yearly Bonus tournament gave the opportunity to invite the players from Utrecht and Arnhem to play their rounds against both Groningen teams on the same day. This saves a trip to Zwolle (where Groningen usually meets its opponents from far away) and gives the players the opportunity to stay for the Bonus Tournament.

All worked out well, and teams Utrecht 1 and Arnhem 1 played their matches on Saturday afternoon. With the added bonus (:-) that the Bonus Tournament had now become one of the strongest tournaments of the year.

Some pictures of the event can be found here