Beginner's course Go

Students at play

In january 2012, I taught an introductory course in the game of Go for the Go Club Groningen. The course was a success with in total six participants (which is quite ok for a go course :-). Unfortunately, many of the participants could not make it to all lessons, so that I had to employ an interestingly flexible lesson plan; giving some students a quick cram-course on the side to get them up to date, and thinking up more challenging assignments for the advanced students.

Teaching the course was great fun, and perhaps we have created one or two new go-enthusiasts, who knows? There will be a second course covering more advanced topics for those who want to continue their go-studies, and there are also plans for setting up an intermediate-level study at the go club. However, these will be taught by players stronger than myself :-)

Interested in learning go? You don't have to wait for the next beginner's course! Drop by during one of the go club nights, and there will always be someone available to teach you the game.