Back from sailing

my wounded laptop

For the past four months, we have been sailing around the Greek Islands, mostly in the Ionian. We had a wonderful time, enjoying the beautiful scenery. We've anchored in lots of tranquil coves and bays, and berthed in any number of picturesque little harbours. And we've sailed to our heart's content.

However, we have had some misfortune as well. We experienced a storm of force 9 Bft, with gusts up to 10, which was not pleasant at all. In Navpaktos, a small town on the Gulf of Corinth, I had an accident and cut my back; we had to stay there for two weeks and wait for it to heal. And we have had some minor mishaps with the boat from time to time.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our adventure tremendously, experiencing the ultimate freedom, going where we pleased, swimming almost every day, and generally enjoying a simple life.

We did cut our journey short by a month or so, returning earlier than originally planned. After three months or so, we began to notice a certain travel-weariness, just as we had in China. Aggravating this were the gruelling temperatures of Greece in summer (35 degrees Celsius or more) and the busyness of the high season, which makes sailing a lot less pleasant. So, after some consideration, we decided to end our journey a month early and return to the Netherlands.

Currently, we have been back for about two weeks. We have been enjoying the weather: cold and rainy (probably the only ones in the Netherlands who feel this way, but after two months without rain, it is no wonder that we welcome a few showers :-). We also appreciate anew the blessings of modern life: unlimited electricity, lots of room in our appartment, our own washing machine and a dishwasher. It was a great trip, but it is lovely to be back as well.

Ironically, my ancient laptop, which survived high seas and moist conditions surprisingly well, was dropped somewhere during the return trip and spilt some guts. However, we were able to put everything back inside and it is still working (in fact, I am typing this story on it). Not bad for a six-year-old laptop!