A new niece

The proud mother and uncle
the proud father
such a sweet little thing
a - baby Fenna

On Monday, September 5, Herman became an uncle! His sister gave birth to a sweet, healthy daughter. She is named Fenna, which coincidentally is also my mother's name (this was not known to the parents at the time). Fenna arrived a little earlier than expected, the calculated date of arrival being September 14 or so. An extra reason for us to be glad about our early return from Greece: if we had stayed the entire period, we would not have been back until three weeks after the birth, and we would have missed a lot!

As it was, we got a happy text message Monday afternoon announcing the birth. Two days later, we visited the new parents in their home in Amsterdam, making the return trip in one day. Our new niece is a cute little thing, sleeping almost the entire time we were there. The parents told us that yes, she sleeps great during the day, and then wakes up a lot during the night. Which of course did not improve their own sleep :-)

It took us a while, but in the end we did get a glimpse of the baby's eyes, when she opened them briefly to regard the outside world. It cannot have been too interesting, because she quickly closed them again and went back to sleep. Oh well, it is hard work being born, I suppose she deserves some rest ;-)

I had (of course) taken the opportunity to knit some cute baby things (1, 2) for the occasion, and will probably make a lot more in the coming years (as long as the parents do not protest too much about being buried in handmade baby things :-D ) It was a nice visit, which we did not draw out too long - the parents will probably get lots of visitors in the coming days. But we will come back soon and hope to visit regularly.