Personal Interests

My interests run far and wide, I am a typical eclectic, and an autodidact. I always love a new challenge, an new area to explore. Some of these new interests are short-lived, but most I continue with in an on-and-off fashion. At any given moments, there are two or three subjects on which I spend most of my free time. Currently, these are:

Current Activities


I am an avid reader, so much so that I do not really consider reading a hobby, but rather a ground state of being. That is, I never have "nothing to do"; if I have nothing to do, I read a book. This has been the case since my childhood. Creating a list of all books I have read would be impossible. For a while, I tried to record each book I read on my LinkedIn reading list, but this quickly became unfeasible, and was not really what the feature was meant for anyway, so I quit updating that, but it still gives an interesting random cross-section of my reading :-)

Other Interests

Less active or past interests include

  • (Dutch) Sign Language
  • Playing guitar
  • Arabic Language
  • Playing the flute