Delft Stadhuis

I was born and raised in Groningen, a medium-sized city in the north of the Netherlands (ca 200.000 inhabitants). Groningen is the centre of the northern region, and in my opinion one of the greatest cities in Holland (but of course, I may be prejudiced :-). This city will always have a special place in my heart, but since I went to college, I have lived elsewhere with great enjoyment as well.

When I was shopping around for a college education, I arrived at Amsterdam Central Station and immediately felt: this is a city I could like. The bustle of the city, the open waters of the IJ, the beautiful station building itself... it all appealed to me. Of course, it was a beautiful, sunny day that day. If it had been raining, would my life have been different? In any case, I spent my first year of college in Amsterdam, receiving the 1st year degree necessary to gain access to Artificial Intelligence in Groningen, which was my final choice of college.

After receiving my MSc in Groningen, I moved to Delft, where I lived during my PhD. research. Delft, about half as large as Groningen, is also a lovely city, with a beautiful, old city center that has lots of canals, small bridges and old architecture, such as the City Hall, shown in the photo.

In 2010 and 2011, I travelled around, spending three months journeying through China in 2010, and four months sailing in Greece. Groningen served as my home base during that period. After returning from my travels, I found a great job at INCAS3, a research institute for anvanced sensor research in Assen, close to Groningen. I worked here for the next three years on various research projects, mostly on automatic processing of environmental sound (e.g. to automatically measure noisy or pleasant environments).

In 2014, I gained a scholarship to study Mandarin in China for one year. Studying Mandarin had long been a hobby of mine, and being able to study in China for a year was a dream come true. Currently, I am living in Dalian, Liaoning province, studying at Liaoning Normal University.