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Chinese Evening on celebrities

Mo Yan
The second Chinese Evening of the year had as topic: Chinese celebrities. Li Yunxuan and Ding Xiyuan of the Groningen Confucius Institute organized the activities this time, and it was a great evening. We got the (very short) bios for a selection of famous Chinese characters, both from ancient and modern culture. Some examples: Confucius (of course!), the Qin emperor, but also Mo Yan (Nobel-prize winning author) and Zhang Yimou (the famous director). Read more »

Weiqi in Atlantis

Weiqi (go, baduk) was the theme for the Chinese Evening of November 15. Groningen Confucius Institute and myself organised the evening together with the Go Club Groningen. I gave a very short introduction and background, and Siu related his adventures during his time at Yan An's go school in Wuhan. Afterwards, we chatted in Chinese, and various people tried their hand at go, capture-go, and go-moku. Read more »

Calligraphy master at Chinese Evening

Cheers with jenever

This week, we had a great Chinese Evening. Prof Li Junming, a visiting professor from the Communications University of China in Beijing, joined our evening to show some of his work - and let us try it ourselves, too! The professor did not speak English, so all of us who wanted to chat with him had to pull out our best Chinese - though a teacher from the Confucius Institute, Haocui, translated where necessary during the professor's demonstration, so that everyone could follow the presentation, regardless of Chinese proficiency level. Some photos of the event can be found here. Read more »

Location of Cafe Atlantis


Cafe Hooghoudt Atlantis at the Gedempte Zuiderdiep 61 is the location for several events we organise. Because the location proves difficult to find, I here provide a map and some helpful pointers, so that no-one has to wander around the city any more wondering if Atlantis has perhaps already sunk :-) Read more »

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