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First Chinese Evening great success

Chinese evening edition 1

On Friday April 19, the first edition of the Chinese Evening took place. It was very well attended with more than 25 participants, enough to nicely fill Cafe Atlantis (where the evening took place) without overcrowding. The ratio Mandarin learners / Mandarin speakers was about 2 to 1, I think, which made for a nice mix. Jiaqi, one of the representatives of the Groningen Confucius Institute (GCI), gave a short presentation on Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess), which functioned as the cultural piece of the evening. Read more »

Starting Chinese Evening


Chinese evening - an opportunity to practice speaking Chinese
Every third or fourth Friday of the month - starting April 19
From 20.00, Cafe Atlantis (Ged. Zuiderdiep 61, Groningen)
Free admission, drop by any time

Being an enthusiastic learner of Mandarin, I am always looking for extra opportunities to practice. Especially practice in conversing - reading, writing and listening can all be done alone and offline, but holding a conversation is at the same time the most difficult thing to practice, and the most useful skill to actually have. For that reason, I decided to set up a regular 'Chinese evening', an opportunity for Chinese learners to meet each other and some native speakers and practice Mandarin. Read more »

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